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Ideas And Styles For Ornamental, Decorative, Victorian, Vintage Custom Wrought Iron Fence

Fencing is an integral part of any landscaping design, but with so many fencing options out there, what do you choose? Chain link is sturdy, but not terribly easy on the eyes. Wood is a great option for privacy, but wood inevitably breaks down and must be refinished and, eventually, replaced. We would like to recommend wrought iron. While this fencing may not initially recommend itself for privacy, it is quite simple to place hedges or twining plants near and around it for total enclosure. In addition, nothing is more enduring and lovely than wrought iron fencing. Some fences have stood for over one hundred years in such places as New Orleans, and they are just as sound as the day they were put in.

Design For Wrought Iron Fence And Gate

Our first featured fence is a lovely Victorian enclosure from Architecturals. This deceptively delicate palisade is a perfect addition to a formal or cottage garden, vegetable garden fence design, and would also be lovely when placed around any well-kept lawn. Made of sturdy iron/zinc alloy, this will frame any landscapestunningly.

Victorian Wrought Iron Fence Style

also look antique victorian standing glass lamp shades

The next wrought iron paling we found is this lovely corner fence from Stacks and Stacks. Beautiful on its own to define a small area or integrated into a larger overall fencing design, this charming alternative to a white picket palisade is tailor-made to enclose every size of lawn and garden in style.

Paint Wrought Iron Garden Fence

For those who have a lot of ground to cover, we found this sturdy iron fence. It includes a patented interlock system for easy setup, stands a full six feet tall, and is sealed with a durable black powder finish for years of beauty to come. Economically priced, this goes up easily around an entire home, or can be used equally well to set apart a special feature.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence Components

For everyone in love with old gardens, we found this cottage fence and wrought iron garden gate especially for you. This perfectly harmonizes the circle and square to create a lacy palisade that brings colonial American homes and gardens to mind. It is specially sealed with a shaded graphite powder finish for instant charm and sturdy weathering.

Decorative Wrought Iron Fence

Every landscape design needs to have pathways edged and flower beds set off without the height of a full sized fence, woodard wrought iron patio furniture and so we are proud to feature this edging-height paling. Made of the same sturdy material as any other we present here, this miniature beauty goes up easily, quickly, and brings swooping, curvilinear definition to any area in your landscape you want to highlight. The classic fleur-de-lis pattern is set off perfectly by the durable pewter finish, and is practically maintenance free for years of gardening pleasure.

Panels Wrought Iron Fence Parts

The last we found in our thorough Internet search was this graceful style, specially made for the romantic in all of us, this design will simultaneously uplift your spirits and frame your lovingly planted garden with its copperplate motifs, if you want look old copper farm sink. As always, while it may appear delicate, the sturdy iron is weathersealed to ensure a long and lovely life.

Wrought Iron Privacy Fence Ornaments