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Floor T-Molding: Basic Info

When you are planning to make renovations in your house, there are lots of things you do not even take into consideration. One of them is t molding. It is a kind of a connector for flooring, which is specially installed to provide smooth and convenient transition from one part of it to another. It is said to be a perfect solution for doorways and areas between two adjacent floors that have the same height.

Plastic T-Molding

Molding of this type comes in different materials, including plastic, rubber, wood, aluminum etc. Everything depends upon the type of flooring you have, specific installation requirements and your personal needs. For example, if you are willing to purchase decorative molding to connect several areas of your hard wood floor covering, you should definitely opt for that produced of wood.

Laminate T-Molding

Nowadays, however, there is a growing demand for laminate flooring, which is considered both convenient and durable. Earlier, this type of floor covering was used only in living-rooms and bedrooms. Today, there is a tendency for installing it even in kitchens and bathrooms. If you decide to install it in your apartment, you will obviously not go without this type of molding, especially if you use laminate in bathrooms or when it is installed next to wood, ceramic and other types of floor covering. If so, then it should be obligatory sealed with patching material. This will ensure a finished look to your apartment.

How to Install T-Molding

The process of installation is not quite complicated, so you may do it yourself. There are lots of useful guidelines and recommendations on the web, which may provide you with all information you need. Basically, you will require the following tools in order to cope with this task successfully: a tape measure, a saw, nails, a hammer and adhesive. The whole process does not take more than a few steps, namely measuring, cutting the molding you have chosen and installing it. Though it may seem simple at first sight, we still recommend you to hire a professional if you lack specific skills and experience.

It does not matter whether you decide to purchase rubber or vinyl molding. The most important aspects you should consider when choosing it are durability, reasonable cost, installation requirements and special characteristics such as color, width, length and patterns. We are ready to offer you a rich choice of these accessories. It is even possible to design and install custom molding of this type to meet all your design and quality requirements. Thus, you will be sure that your apartment looks really unique.

Hardwood Flooring T-Mold

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