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All Styles and Designs of Antique Wood, Metal Kitchen Furniture and Accessories

If you have antique kitchen furniture, it is important that you know how to take good care of them. Being used everyday, you might want to give them a little more of attention to avoid them from tear. They are old you wouldn't want to have them damaged.

Antique White Farmhouse Wooden Oak Kitchen Table And Chairs

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Below are some caring tips.

Polish your furniture with a wax polish that contains beeswax. Application of this twice a year is advised since you are using your cookroom everyday, unless you are only using once a week. In that case, once a year application of polish wax is enough. Use a soft cloth when applying the wax. When removing the wax, use another clean soft cloth.

Antique Metal Top Drop Leaf Work Kitchen Table

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French Antique White Look Kitchen Cabinets Pictures

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Do not use silicone sprays or polishing agents that contain oil. Dirt sticks to oils. Silicone sprays leave silicone coatings that are hard to remove.

Old Painting Glaze Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets And Hardware

Use a soft brush instead of feather dusters since these may scratch the surface of your furniture.

Old White Kitchen Island Style

Cook room furnishings are prone to get scratched. If only the surface is scratch, color it with the same shade. Scratches that are deep are recommended to be repaired by a professional. There are fill-in products that can be used to repair such scratches, but you need to be sure to use the same shade as your furniture and add to interior cabinets for home office. Also, after repairing it, if the surface finish is varnish, you need to varnish the area you repaired. After letting it dry, polish it.

Antique Black Kitchen Range Design With Knobs

For some other types of damage such as a part of this coming off, you might want to let a professional do the job. If the damage is minor, study the parts first if you intend to fix it by yourself. If you can reattach it by yourself, proceed with removing the old glue. Carefully remove the old glue, and don't dig at it. Cold scotch glue can be used to reattach the part that came off. Use only a very small amount of glue. After reattaching it, remove any glue oozing out with your finger. Once it is completely dry (it usually takes 24 hours to be sure it won't come off easily), apply wax to the area needed.

old Pine Kitchen Storage Pantry Cupboard Units

One needs to take good care of furniture. Antiques are expensive and require attention. In order to keep them looking great, you must know how to take good care of every piece.

Antique Furniture And Accessories

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Old White Hutch

Antique Finish Metal Cabinets

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Antique Cream Queen Dresser With Handles

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