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Exterior Window Molding: Hot to Pick the Right Design

What is the first thing you do when planning to replace windows in your apartment? The answer to this question is quite obvious: you look through various profiles offered by different companies, trying to pick the one, which matches the interior of your room and fits into your budget. Unfortunately, the majority of windows do not only look plain and quite traditional, but also resemble each other. A lot of house owners, which are concerned about the way their home looks, find this fact quite disappointing and continue looking for new ideas. In case such state of affairs frustrates you as well, exterior window molding may help you improve the situation. It frequently utilizes a number of attention-grabbing architectural ornaments, which make your house look unique and astonishing. However, it is not used with aesthetic purposes only. Instead, this type of molding is frequently used to hide holes and unattractive window joints, which do not add beauty to any building.

Window Trim Molding

Nowadays, decorations of this type come in diverse styles, shapes, designs and colors. If you manage to make a good choice, they will make your house one-of-a-kind. You may be amazed at learning that the usage of these items is not limited to the exterior application only. Today, there is a tendency to installing them inside the house as well, thus adding chic and style to it.

Outdoor Window Molding

There are three main types. They are known as cornices, bands and headers. Cornices, which are also frequently referred to as 'crown', are typically installed at the intersection of walls and soffits. Headers are usually placed above the windows and provide them with a solid look. The thing is that they are often larger as compared to trims, which run along the sides of the windows. Some models include the so-called 'drip edges', which do not allow water to run into window joints and, as a result, into your apartment. Bands, in their turn, are more functional than other types of exterior mouldings, since they may be installed practically anywhere.

Window Casing Molding

also use louvered window shutters

As you see, there is a wide choice and their designs. However, this fact should not puzzle you, if you have a general idea of what items exactly you need in order to make your windows look trendy. This website is that perfect place, where you will find the best and the most fashionable exterior moldings of different types.

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