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Base Molding Guide for the Beginners

If you want each room in your apartment to have a finished look, there is one thing you will not go without. It is molding. With such a variety of its types, it seems not easy to choose the one, which will make the flooring of your home comfortable. So, as soon as you decide to install the one in your room, you have to learn as much as possible about its types.

Base Trim Molding

Generally, we may differentiate between three main types, namely crown, chair rail and baseboards. Though all of them have their pros and cons, the latter, however, is in demand with the customers. It is typically installed along the base (lower part) of a wall, thus making a decorative and stylish transition between this wall and the floor. It proves to be an indispensable solution if you need to hide gaps in this area. It comes in different sizes and widths. A typical baseboard is from four and up to six inches tall. It is frequently utilized in conjunction with shoe floor base molding.

Wall Base Molding

If you choose it this type, you should be ready to make some preplanning first. It is extremely important not to be mistaken here, since if you select the one, which will too wide, it will create a kind of an uneven feeling. At the same time, if you opt for the one that will be extremely narrow, your guests will not notice it at all, because other decorative elements in the room will be more eye-catching as compared to it.

Modern MDF Base Molding

Base molding ideas gain popularity among customers worldwide, because this option is valued due to its convenience and affordability. This type can help create warm and cozy atmosphere in any room. We are eager to provide you with a wide selection of materials (including wood, vinyl, plastic, rubber etc.) and styles (ranging from traditional and up to country, modern or even Victorian, look also victorian classic bedroom ) to make your design plan a success. Just like any other type, this one can be made from various materials. The most popular of them are plastic and wood (oak, fir, pine etc.). They are available at our website as well.

Vinyl Cove Base Molding

As soon as you have chosen the most suitable type, it is high time to learn the process of installation. Typically, this procedure involves three steps, namely removing the old baseboards, making a new trim around the doorway and, finally, installing a new type. Still, this procedure presupposes experience and skillfulness, so if you are not sure that you will cope with it successfully, it is better to hire a professional.

Baseboards and Crown Molding Styles

If installed properly, it can transform a plain room into a stylish one. Try using this option and you will for sure benefit from it.

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