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Banister, Railing, Handrail for Staircase

Safety is one of the main aspects each homeowner should consider when designing the interior oh his/her house or apartment. If you own a big two- storey house, then this point should become a priority to you. It initially concerns the staircase, which is not only one of the first things your guests see when entering your house, but also an item that you use every day. Obviously, it should be as safe as possible, especially if there are kids in your family. In case you are extremely concerned with the safety aspect, then you are highly recommended to learn not only how to build a staircase banister correctly, but also how to maintain it properly.

Banister Rail Height

When we decide to make renovations in our homes, we often do not think about improving the general look and quality of stairs. Meanwhile, this is exactly where you may use your imagination and implement all your creative ideas. There are lots of aspects you should consider when getting ready to this process. First of all, you are recommended to decide what type of stairs will fit into your renovated interior most. This should be done in advance so that you could be sure that all the furnishings and accessories complement each other in the best way.

Stair Banister Height

Our customers are always satisfied with the diversity of options we offer them. You may opt for any type of banister (staircase quality and durability, though, should be initially considered when making your choice). If you are fond of antique furnishings (look wrought iron antiques gates), then you will be pleased to find corresponding options. In case you decide to give your house a trendy up-to-date look, then modern designs we offer will appeal to you as well.

Standard Banister Height

The same is about materials, which are used in the production of banisters. Traditionally, they are made of wood, since it gives them a sturdy and rich look. This material is perfect for making both antique and contemporary items of this type, view interesting idea candle wall sconce made from old bannister. Wrought iron is another substance, which is often utilized to give your staircase a sophisticated look, wrought iron fence styles. Furthermore, it is, probably, one of the safest and the most durable materials one can find. An ideal alternative is to combine these two options in order to obtain the most unexpected result. Glass can also be used in the production of these items, but you have to think twice before ordering them, since they may not be altogether safe.

Glass Banister Staircase

If you decide to renovate your staircase yourself, you should do this according to Building Regulations, which exist in your country. There are particular requirements concerning banister height, to which you should pay special attention (in the UK, for example, it should not be less than 900 mm). In case you hire a professional, who will do this work for you, make sure this person is aware of the standard banister height and all the possible details associated with this process in general.

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